Camera, Capture, Color! $159.00
Class is Scheduled for Sunday, August 4th, 2019 - 1:00pm Start. This five hour, fast paced and informative course is designed to give you all the necessary basics of digital color, metering and studio lighting. Rick starts with introducing you to the five primary lighting patterns of studio lighting along with instructing you when and why professional image makers use them. Once we start to master the light, the course will cover the proper ways of metering and how to create and control contrast and dynamic range along with dimensional lighting and control. Light ratios and how to meter them properly will be discussed and reviewed to control exposure. Rick will highlight proper color balance and ways to control and correct color on your studio computer systems. He will discuss digital workflow, digital asset management, storage, files and image size and stabilizing computer systems. Rick will end this very informative day with the ways to control your processing and improving your workflow through automation. It’s all the steps necessary to take your photography and studio operation to the next level and optimize your time and employee optimization. (Enter code "special50" in the checkout area for $50.00 off a friend or employee after you pay your first full session rate).
Total Price: $159.00
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