Professional Training

It's all in the presentation and Rick Trummer has been training amateur and professional photographers with continued success for 28 years. His booming success is established on all levels of learning and it’s a testament to his undying devotion to the industry as an art and a science. Through his unique and results proven methods, learn about the fun of photography and the artistic qualities you all have inside of yourself. Each of Rick's specifically designed courses include a course workbook that take you on a guided tour of the information that's presented in each evolution. It's a wonderful reference that you take back to your home or studio to continue your photographic experience.

Once you take one of his classes, you'll be hooked as Rick has trained thousands of image makers throughout North America. From basic to very advanced concepts, he is constantly pushing the ends of the envelope to bring you the very latest in cutting edge information. He stays on the forefront of the photographic industry, redefining industry standards to create unique learning opportunities for everyone.

With education prices skyrocketing throughout the U.S., being able to take an entertaining and educational course for this price is unimaginable. Sign up today and see the difference a great educator can make.