Calibration Devices, Monitor calibration for photographers
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Tuesday, January 07, 2014
By Rick Trummer
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Jas, great question and thanks for asking!  I prefer the XRite devices over some of the rest only because the ease of use, programming and cost.  Some of the key things you should be looking for is that your calibration device can do Luminance, White Point and Gamma, those are all very important in the process kind of like ISO, shutter speed, and F-Stop is to your exposure.  I will be publishing a full article by weeks end to walk you through some of the key points, but at this point I would look at the i1 Display Pro (around $275.00) or the ColorMunki Display (around $160.00), both are nice models and both do projectors as well as monitors.  Please look for the article by Friday and hope this helps!


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