Running a Successful Photography Studio $179.00
Scheduled for Sunday, June 30th, 2019 - 1:00pm - Start.
Are you running your photography studio, or is it running you? That is the question that many owners go through on a day to day basis, we all know how to take a photograph, but do we know how to make money taking photographs? They're really two different things and through my 35 plus years of seeing and running photography businesses, I can lead you to the promised land of photographic riches. It’s much more difficult to make money in photography today, there are numerous reasons why, but if you have the desire, the understanding and the knowledge those successful studios operations can be yours. The course includes a wonderful guidebook, Excel or Numbers Spreadsheets and PDF's to import into an Adobe product for computerized versions of your final business plans and marketing strategies. This course is designed to do just that, create a business and marketing plan for you to put into action to have a successful photographic operation. I will warn you ahead of time that this six hour course can be very intense and eye opening, along with some hard facts coming into view, so be prepared for a full day training and truths! (Enter code "special50" in the checkout area for $50.00 off a friend or employee after you pay your first full session rate).
Total Price: $179.00
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